A Traveling Man EP

by Rayce

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A Traveling Man EP is an international collaborative put together by Rayce of Southern California and Shpaolin Malehico Rap of Croatia. This is the newest work to be released by Rayce since his compilation project 'Attention Please' was released back in January 2013. The growth as a young man and maturing emcee can be heavily noted as Rayce addresses key situations that have impacted his life and the lives of those around him; such as touring overseas in Europe, the prolonged release of the EP due to incarceration and dealing with substance abuse issues, as well as the suicide of a near and dear friend of Rayce. However, that is not to say that it is an entirely dark project as much as it is a personal journey into the life of Rayce. Especially with the far more upbeat final track 'Natural High Revised,' Rayce alludes to the variation his future projects may hold and has continued to solidify his reputation for bringing listeners his brand of Hip Hop: The Lifestyle Not The Label.


released March 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Rayce Ventura, California

A Hip Hop emcee out of the 805 (Ventura/Oxnard). From touring overseas to collaborating with international artists, Rayce has been building a name in the Hip Hop scene by promoting a style all his own. Rayce brings his listeners an uncut, raw insight not only into his life but to the observations he has taken throughout his life. At 22 the sky is the limit for this young yet professional lyricist. ... more

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Track Name: A Traveling Man
Verse One
Mister cell blocks to international flights; whoever said 'life's a bitch,' must not have treated her right. Went from day-room view to watchin' live at third baseline; where I was currently seated when I began to write! Field lights bright, sold out, seats taken; only a few blocks from OG Huskey's station! Well connected, always tryna push the message, surrounded by ambitious folks; learn to use discretion! This passport ain't gonna stamp itself and the only thing you collect is dust while sitting on that shelf! Atop that perch you've handcrafted manically; swearing you should charge more for a featuring fee! We came with nothing and we'll leave the same, so while the getting is good, may as well build acclaim! Let the people know why it is you came, so they have a reason too; to shout our names!

Chorus (X2)
Where this journey takes us we may never know, if we don't hit the road, get up and go! It's a business, combined with a lifestyle, attempting to be versatile to make it worthwhile...

Verse Two
More spoken word than cool raps to distract, while the prima-donnas cause a scene, I'm chillin' in the back! A low profile, no flashy attire. The man makes himself. Money talks but is a liar! Either invest or step aside, no time to read between the lines while forming worthy alliances. Been through the rain, setbacks and growing pains. I sprayed, I paid and never said a damn thang! Makin' amends when the time is right. Spent many nights: deep meditation, total silence. View through my third eye the world most skip, on that hunt for what most would misinterpret as Luciferian! No dogmas or Satanic worship. I only want the truth, uncut, no bullshit! From this pulpit known as a stage; I'm no better, no worse, just me...


Verse Three
Check the typeset, I'm dope, no Pyrex. Made it this far but haven't even begun yet! Here to cause an upset, no stoppin' at sunset, gettin' so lost in the moment with this digest! Feel the vocal strain, but push through it; honey, lemon, tea, before my shows I really do it! Above the influence, even if I slip and fall, made it out of jail but still behind these hard bars! Never glorify, usually omit from tracks, although facts are all that separates real from whack. So why act like no blemish exists? As if life experience had no impact while writin' this! Only reason they want these interviews is to discover inner views most never let loose! Consider this the unveiling of illusion. A forced way into the game; pardon the intrusion!
Track Name: Continuum
Verse One
Radio interviews, featured videos, magazines tryna review and quote what I spoke. Though on the flipside, I've had it up to 'this high,' tryna get this college finished but don't even know why. Constantly spiraling, creating more irony, while doing shows elsewhere caught hometown animosity. Not the best or a star, just another one from this worldwide community under the sun. Conducting business crash course style, while fakes try to book me like I got cash in piles. Keep your drink tickets, I'm on a higher mission, tryna go coast to coast off little more than inner vision. I wanna light the fuse that strikes a move to self improve, similar to improv no matter how improbable. Overstand the open land brings a new audience. Only cut short for those unwilling to cooperate.

One life, full of goals and options; I keep that in mind while I flip these topics. What worked today, may not tomorrow; devoted, to the moment, livin' on time borrowed...

Verse Two
Blatantly don't care for most peoples' opinions because I see no relevance or fact based evidence. Oh you like to politic? Say you know what knowledge is? Well I could do the same but that's outright arrogance. People die, some close some overseas, but I'm only supposed to care for those the news is covering? Bombs rain in Bahrain but it's okay? We've got bigger problems? There's immigrants tryna stay. Short sighted memories and cancers for no reason, pollutants in the water and these GMOs we're eatin', a pale horse endorsed that'll last throughout the seasons; formulating consent and who gets labeled as a heathen? It's all so scary, I think I'll eat another pill. I need a 'the-rapist' to dispense scripts at will. Ah, there we go, back to the void. So nice when real life we can avoid...


Verse Three
Still pledge no allegiance, even at the cost of lesions, some things are just worth no longer breathin'. Hold it in until lungs gasp for more just to emulate the state at which I burst from the core. Stimulate the grain or watch toxins blossom. The roots show proof whether malignant or positive. Encourage to flourish before sirens chime in, as a preemptive strike against restricted visitation! A mouthful to spout, rarely ever doubtful; wanna see that cup runneth, why stop at half full? Crossing over in an objective fashion, all access until once again I vanish. Across the planet, down the street, up the block or anywhere in between. Elusive, but my two cents still cling. A nuisance, but when I'm gone you'll miss me...
Track Name: Fault Lines
Verse One
So gone like all my thoughts of growin' old, a cold soul, roamin' past the safe zone. Relapse: perhaps I'll match the best bags. Impact: intact I think I still am. Extremities freeze, blood flows so slow; cannot do it with ease, this breath I hold. All these people beggin' me 'Please don't go,' but this is the life I chose, I know. What goes in my temple may make me mental, though if it's transcendental, think it's worth the rental. Hard times in the apartheid of my mind; a self serving, unworthy, total waste of time. Jot soliloquies with ease in between some frees, chillin' in the breeze with these southern Cali trees. You're thinkin' potent leaves, I'm talkin' natural steez; tryna break free from the typical scene...

Chorus (X2)
Sleepin' giants, an alliance roamin' blinded. Rhymin' to combine the grime and grind we live by. If they only knew how real it is; if we only knew how sick we are...

Verse Two
Feel a nudge on my shoulder but can't get up. Darkness looms. How long have I been stuck? Pages full of tears, inks all smudged. Lookin' at my peers. Yall don't give a what? Who, where, when and how it's supposed to happen, is in my palms; now it's on me to take action. Hit the gym: lift weights to do the same with stress, couple minutes, bag sprints, watched my knuckles as they bled. A street product through this blood, sweat and years. AMS affiliate once I caught Reps' ears. Built a mainframe toward a household name but the streets are still callin', crawlin' through these here veins! Sweat lodge to purify, the red road I hold it close. Native culture, vultures circle, maybe it's the holy ghost. Only host to never know, humble as I kick these flows. Lookin' up toward the clouds, while I rain down the most...
Track Name: Unfiltered
Gather 'round again, I'm not done talking. The acid hasn't worn off. The dogs are still barking. Probably gonna lose sponsorship after this. If not, then at least a couple co-signs from Christians. It's cool man, not playing with a full hand, having a slacker's vernacular and total command of absolutely nothing at all and realizing. Watching friends die young, wishing you could revive them. I didn't have to be there in person, I rehearsed it with myself in his shoes but held on tight to this life. No matter how worthless, left wordless. May paint a vivid picture but it's still far from perfect. Self loathing, a sense of implosion near. Once you get past the veneer it's all clear cut. No longer stuck in a rut or feeling the need to shoulder the burden of someone else's stuffs you've been entrusted with. From off my chest comes things you can't bench press, so telling me to 'dumb it down' is like issuing a death threat. No clearer diction has emerged from my generation. Taking pride in clean rhymes: the art of enunciation. Running on nothing but hopes and ambitions with this music. Even if I made it to success, what would I do with it? Tapping out this cash cow, would I reinvest? Take my money and run? Or proceed un-phased under the premise of still having achieved no progress, as if it hadn't happened yet with every calculated step. Following a model, then reinventing your hustle, just to hear all these people chatter about how you don't do enough. Remind me. Where were you when I was drivin' hours to the studio tryna perfect the flow? Leaping at the daydream of being back in Europe. This time on a tour bus, laid back, no fronts. Watching the banners unfurl from their banisters. Still unsure whether or not I should have a manager. Smirking at the servants who changed up to make it; only to discover that's not what makes sense. Fans want authentic, a friend they can vent with, sometimes their last life line when collapsin'. And no I can't front, better days have come. It's mostly inner demons that keep me so glum. Hassling to have a niche to call my own. Sometimes I just wanna go back home and be alone. Call it quits, fade back to the normal life, instead of tryna find myself through compressions and normalizers. With an EQ I beat the foolish into submission, drawing lines in the sand with a talented vision. No chorus, remorse or horseplay; even when we let loose, got something to say. Bottom lines projected, relationships protected, but when you're not around everyone becomes skeptic. On the couch posted, steadily phone holdin', in a separate dimension with all these sites you're hostin'. Thought we shared the glory of another prospect but that look on your face looks like you got somethin' to confess...
Track Name: thelifestylenotthelabel Ft. Will Santos
Verse One
Will Santos: Top of the mornin' as early as dawn with it, as soon as the song's written I'm thinkin' I'm done livin' a lie. But man, I truly just run with it then hide; like please make me believe that I'll succeed. Maybe I'm just gifted and driven and it's the passion that blinded my Hip Hop cuz maybe it needs glasses. Maybe I'll keep laughin' at myself, and within time as time passes my rhymes, can influence and come alive...
Rayce: Taking first steps to align this grind that otherwise seems fruitless. Facing blockage, feeling like the embodiment of what a fluke is. No new slips but loose lips could still sink my flight plans to an uncharted destination. Living life as a vacation, stationed wherever there's a show near, say 'come here,' we go there, rock the crowd and show love; passion tangible. Chillin' and accessible, knowing more will show up, as they take notice of some poets who can bust...

Chorus with cuts
Hip Hop: The Lifestyle Not The Label

Verse Two
Rayce: Melodramatic fashion, following the laws of attraction, taxing for a reaction until the casket is closed shut. Arose from where the phoenix stays, no longer praying for better days or living tryna anticipate what the next man will think or say. Ouija board seance when spraying bars with the force of an A-R, 'Ay y'all, last call!' No warning shots for those with verbal glass jaws, we're past pause like an audible fast forward. More or less the eye of Horus as we envision these tours...
Will Santos: I feel like just swearin' to God and sayin' that every time I'm prayin', He's very involved sayin' "You carry don't bury the spark." Many, or plenty, try very hard. Apparently just too far in. Ain't tryna blow up, or be Noah, just don't wanna end where I started; I'm sailing on this arc. Forget the famous charts and the part for the propaganda. Props to my proud people for the sacred art!


Verse Three
Will Santos: Part of the mission is skill and ambition and feeling the people feel you being real; no gimmicks, listen. This is like the Pacers and Pistons goin' at it. Habit forming careers and to be sincere, I lose the passion. Sometimes I find myself askin' if rappin' really has a plan for me or I'm stuck, up in this attic. I've taken too many yells to manifest them selfish spells. Just gettin' harder to flow and make sure my presence felt.
Rayce: File a grievance to this disagreement. Screamin' at the top of my lungs, "My tongue is the only thing sharper than this wit," with which I switch lanes like a viral strain; highly un-containable when in your brain and cuttin' loose. A lose, lose, whether we exchange diss tracks or distract for the time being in person, it's all worthless. Once the curtains close: fans go home, I roam alone, damn near cut off from the outside while in the zone...
Track Name: Natural High Revised
Verse One
I been talkin' to God, couple minutes left, from my direct line was tired of sendin' text. Viewed through these lenses are the steps I've been blessed with. So many vibrant colors I'm naturally rich. Esoteric if I absorb the templates. Turnin' my back on the youth and inheritance brought forth from heritage, speakin' blunt with no blunts, like a heretic. Went to Europe, never took it for granted, it was a humbling experience no drugs could've matched with. Rest in peace to my homie, just a month before, laid himself out on the floor, we'll never know what for. Better bet it weighed deep on my mental; on the couch, tryna stop tears at the studio with no control. allowing a relapse to come back. Chalk it up, just another collapse on this path...

Chorus (X2)
We try to try to try to see a better day, in the trenches searchin' for another way. To each of you who plays a part, I give thanks, for makin' life a masterpiece in your own way.

Verse Two
Found it ironic that over this gin and tonic we escape, break boundaries and become honest. Normally I'm modest, wouldn't speak up on it, especially when rockin' bar shows; an awkward topic. As I ask you to lift your drinks merrily, or up in the sessions passin' the green without inhaling. But got experience, don't let this face fool you, business comes first now but it wasn't always foolproof. Set the scene: before the VC Reporter there were mad bad habits to keep emotions out of order. Only first steps in our escape from boredom, back when I had no fan base and wrote Mission Aborted. Total loss most would never wanna recall, threw it in my rhymes, let it go, free fallin'. Still hear'em callin' though the tugs much weaker since I gave my heart and soul to what comes out of a speaker...

Chorus (X2)

Verse Three
Fast forward to a front porch posted: rocking chair, couple books, coffee on a coaster. Shakin' my head, amazed that I even made it here. Auditory dreams, manifested and commandeered. With a proper push. Every time I wanted to throw it away, that same energy suggested I stay. Whatever you call it, I know it's pushin' my focus; thin line between genius and insane but space is growin'. So I show up: suited, booted and on time. Nah I'm lyin', usually late, a flawed design in my character; traits that need replacin' but if I chase'em will they forsake me for changin' what Rayce is, like I'm baseless? Hope not but through the vocals of a have not, the worst of preparations are made for each plot. So when you see me smilin' it's because I'm on a island. Just me, myself and I, cast away, with the highest...