Sanctuary (prod. by DJ Impact)

by Rayce

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Verse One
Welcome to this sanctuary I call Hip Hop, where we speak over beats, searching for a spot. Possibly somewhere to merge to be heard when immersed. In this culture there's no limit to what can emerge. The history in itself is so sacred: Rhythm And Poetry cultivated from the slave ship, subjugated natives fought their way toward liberation. Left a trail of tears. And I'm just supposed to waste it? That's my family! Bloodline ties. So when you see these eyes runnin', know I'll still shine. Masses want tracks all about "beef and bitches," while I'm steady in the streets tryna not cause mischief. News flash: I will never fuel a feud; rather settle it in person between I and you. Too many young lives, wasted over gun crime. Seen it firsthand. I speak no lies...

Chorus (X2)
Whether streets, industries or in between, we stay active, downright savages. What you don't see behind the scenes is what makes our sound so hazardous!

Verse Two
From the left coast, 8-oh-5th region. I am the antidote to these animals overspeakin'. Comfortably chillin' in places they won't frequent. Customers are buildin' and we're barely even reachin'! Self promo whether internet or personal. Stay posted after every show, my trunk is the record store! And in that case, call any location a potential penmanship station while I'm workin' with Croatians. Out for blood, royalties and nothin' less. Only need a minute's notice, stay ready to rock a set! Do it for my people and the ones I haven't met yet. Need to get our passports. Overseas? Bet that! Won't catch me in casinos. I work too hard to lose it all over a game of cards when I've made mistakes that raised the stakes another level, yet still pulled through without having to clutch the metal...


Verse Three
Worldwide on this ride toward greatness. Tryna get my name pronounced out the mouth of agents. Like a ventriloquist at first audition, how well I play these dummies could make all the difference! Check the bar facts, no in-consistence; move diligent, talk like a simpleton. Still, the lexicon of a lyricist so intricate. Even if it is from a low spirited gentleman. Play the part or make a mark as a stark contrast; mirror image of so many from the past. A sub-topic controversially commercial. While I try to move units, they want YouTube gold! So the only way I move is silence. Actions speak on their own terms when provided an outlet, minus the announcement over-expensed. Waste enough on my own breath as it is...


released October 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Rayce Ventura, California

A Hip Hop emcee out of the 805 (Ventura/Oxnard). From touring overseas to collaborating with international artists, Rayce has been building a name in the Hip Hop scene by promoting a style all his own. Rayce brings his listeners an uncut, raw insight not only into his life but to the observations he has taken throughout his life. At 22 the sky is the limit for this young yet professional lyricist. ... more

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