You're Not Invited​.​.​.

by Rayce

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Thanks to Wise and I getting connected in person and via the interwebs, we were able to put these two beats to use. Appreciation to Sparatic over at One Mic Wreckords for allowing me to lay these tracks at his spot and the main man Darel C. from LiHai Clothing for hooking up the cover artwork ( .

Just some weirdness straight from my mind to your ears. Please make sure to stay connected with me via social networking and the website!


released December 20, 2013

Written by Rayce
Produced by Wise One
Recorded at One Mic Wreckords



all rights reserved


Rayce Ventura, California

A Hip Hop emcee out of the 805 (Ventura/Oxnard). From touring overseas to collaborating with international artists, Rayce has been building a name in the Hip Hop scene by promoting a style all his own. Rayce brings his listeners an uncut, raw insight not only into his life but to the observations he has taken throughout his life. At 22 the sky is the limit for this young yet professional lyricist. ... more

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Track Name: Worth The Hassle (prod. by WiseOne)
Verse One
She knows better than to make me choose between us or the music, far more than a hobbyist if you're lookin' for somethin' to call it; an enthusiasm, a hustle and all around lifestyle concept. Ups and downs like every other couple has, only difference is I got a whole separate task to connect with fans, provide full access and make sure I'm in the right mindset when I wreck. Every other artist got like 20 love songs and that same amount for when they broke up feelin' dead wrong. Now I'm in the middle dealin' with the riddle. Am I single? Am I taken? Does it really make a difference? If you're here to listen to music then why are you grillin' me? All hours of the night while I'm just tryna sleep. While she's just tryna look at a couple new pics; caught up, curious who I'm really chillin' with...

What we do, where we stay, is like a bad love song that I can't quit playin'. Broken records, tears shed, but still can't get her out of my head. (X2)

Verse Two
Sees the other side of me most don't get; tryna find a common ground while remainin' dedicated. We love, hate, make it work and wait; both so invested in personal goals it escalates. Weigh it out: do we stay, stray, call it quits completely and go our separate ways? Wish I knew, but couldn't call it fairly; all these chick flicks I watch don't prepare me. Could give her roses and my every last possession, but what good does it do? Can't even find a couple minutes. Could never be the one to fit a facade; I been tryin' for too long and didn't get far. Took the chains off, jugglin' chainsaws; brain is in a fog, if I slip again I'll fall hard. Part of bein' independent are the risks taken, that basic, whether or not we face it...


Verse Three
What would you do? I don't know anymore, I'm searchin'. Tired of tryin' to fight, a solution is urgent. Second guessin', I'm stressin' up in the matrix. Desperate for a to suggestions!
Track Name: Fire Inside (prod. by WiseOne)
Verse One
Well this is awkward... The speed flow I had written didn't quite pop off like I wanted. Verbal acrobat, colonel in the last stand, matchbook, last stem, strikin' with a fat chance. A spark in the dark, only to realize the eagle eye is still flyin', circlin' a vantage point inconspicuous. The trick is to get hip to this hypnotist. Bags under my eyes, been up on some tweaker shit (not really!). Never take a hit, take a hint. Sobriety has really been a long road to self growth in a choke hold with a boatload of reservations. Only 22, what you mean I can't smoke, drink or get wasted?! Where's the fun in life if I can't taste it? Who are you to decide what makes sense? Pebbles in a pond never float, too dense, but they skip a bit before disappearing from the surface...

Real life: we all want a piece, so I speak over beats like it's just you and me. This fire inside wants to escape, and I think I just might want the same... (X2)

Verse Two
Cannot extinguish what nature bred, I am Darwinian with every single last breath. Spontaneous, the anger is an anchor, aimed full steam for the ones you had faith in. Gloves are off now, no soft pows. What you mean I need a team? Got a couple cool pals... Recordin' where they keep firearms close; don't wanna have to be an RIP on someone's clothes. Rather be a RAYCE piece done by Roght, on the front of those tees, send'em to your spot. Slap a couple stickers with no faces in the picture, if you see me on the scene I am probably oblivious. Team no team, sorry not sorry, watchin' Ancient Aliens wishin' I was around for Atari. Before Xboxs watched our every move and we took direction from false-flag news...

Chorus (X2)

Verse Three
Verbally swervin', curvin' at a manic rate. You would think I was goin' crazy at full sprint pace! An Olympian trippin' before the finish line, gimme mine. Eyes on the prize, unwilling to compromise! Heard of sacrifice? Might wanna try it. Over-saturated market, think I wanna diet. Killin' beef like I got my own slaughterhouse. Whats it really matter when I'm hear to move mountains anyhow? Get off the couch, you're not the guy from Half Baked. Even if you were, I'm not here to share a damn thang! Known for bein' rude, only child attitude. You halt, while I'm tryna stay up on the move; on my Armstrong hustle, man I'm tryna tour the moon!